Site Assessor

These documents are listed in the order in which they will be used in the Small Wind Site Assessor Curriculum.

NABCEP Small Wind Site Assessor Job Task Analysis

NABCEP Small Wind Entry Level Learning Objectives

Assessing Your Wind Resource

Shopping for a Wind Turbine

Planning Your Wind System- what size do you need?

Back to the Basics 5- Collector Size

Back to the Basics 1- Ground Drag

Back to the Basics 7- Wind Resource Maps

Rooftop Mounted Wind Turbines- Determining Your Resource

Back to the Basics 2- Turbulence

Back to the Basics 4- Determing Minimum Tower Height

Back to the Basics 3- Quantity +Quality = More Electricity

How to Use a Clinometer

Estimating Obstruction Height

Useful Tools for Estimating Heights and Distances

Turbulence Intensity

Map Resources

Displacement Height Adjustments

AWS on Displacement Heights

Revised Shear Values

Tower Basics- Woofenden

Airport Issues

In the Public Interest

How Tall is Too Tall?

2010 Wind Generator Buyers Guide

Back to the Basics 6- Estimating Annual Energy Output

2011 Wind Turbine Buyers Guide

2015 Wind Turbine Buyers Guide

Rooftop Mounted Wind Turbines

Back to the Basics 8- Wind Site Assessments

Back to the Basics 9- Siting Problems and Logistics

Notebook Ideas for Wind Site Visits

Business Incentives

NABCEP Small Wind Installer Job Task Analysis

NABCEP Small Wind Installer Certification Exam Resource Guide

Sample Site Assessments

Faller- Residential Wind Assessment

Taivalkoski- Business Wind Assessment

West- Agricultural Wind Assessment